5 Kids Organic Farm and Produce
First Post! 07/06/2011
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Ashley and Josh
07/06/2011 15:08

We are about 5 days out on the blacktail watermelons. We have just put the mortgage lifter tomatoes, and beef steak tomatoes in the ground. Let us know if there is something you are looking for. Thank you all and God Bless

Wesley Bailey
07/17/2011 00:57

My wife and I do our best to use organic products whenever we can find affordable prices and I just discovered you guys. Very excited about your location and look forward to stopping by.

The Owners
07/17/2011 08:02

Thanks and we look forward to seeing you! When you get here just let Staci know you heard about us through the website.... Check back often to see the greast deals and what is new. Thank you and God Bless! Ashley and Josh

11/08/2011 23:19

I'm very excited to come and see what you have to offer and the great deals mentioned. I am so aware of what is going on, and pray for more support and development in agriculture produced as it naturally should be.

Cynthia R Agliano
04/22/2012 12:20

I tried calling your phone number on the website and the person that answered said it was the wrong number. I would like to know more about being able to purchase organic produce at an affordable price please send me a contact number reply by e mail. Thank you and we look forward to visiting your farm!


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