5 Kids Organic Farm and Produce
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01/22/2012 05:05

Lived 16 years in Miami Beach, came back to NYC for 4 years (bad mistake), moving to Lutz on 1/24.
I'm on day 47 of a 90 day juice fast, and am really glad to have found your farm Would like to find out if you have set hours, what you have, etc....

07/15/2012 04:52

Are you guys still open?? I called the number on your site, (813)766-3598, and was told I had the wrong #?

09/13/2012 14:07

Trying to locate Ashley and Josh to collect money.
Please call me...615-578-7988
Wayne Frazzini

Do you have any livestock
12/06/2013 16:53


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